Treasury Services Group

Treasury Services Group is currently establishing a new unique innovative Australian bank while continuing to support outstanding independent investment managers.

What We Do

We currently provide outstanding independent investment managers our custom built product establishment, licensing, trustee and administration service while we build our unique Australian bank.

Treasury Services Group is passionate about a strong culture of transparency and integrity, so to minimise any conflicts of interest, does not provide personalised investment or lending advice.

Who We Are

Phil Delmenico

Managing Director

Phil is the Responsible Manager of Treasury Services Group's Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and Australian Credit Licence (ACL). These licences have been granted based on Phil’s 25 years of experience in the financial sector across a wide range of financial products.

Phil founded Treasury Services Group in 2007. In the early years at Treasury Services Group, Phil performed a variety of roles providing financial, investment and funding advice for Western Australian companies and State government bodies. Phil subsequently concentrated on building the Treasury Services Group infrastructure, comprising of a wide range of product creation, placement agent, regulatory, operational and administration financial product infrastructure. Since 2013, Phil has launched a number of independent investment managers’ unique products in Western Australia utilising the Treasury Services Group infrastructure.

In 2016, Phil commenced the process to establish a unique Australian bank.

Phil was previously Head of Treasury Management (WA) for six years at National Australia Bank until 2006.  In this role, Phil was responsible for the performance of a team distributing interest rate derivatives, foreign exchange products; commodities risk management products and standard and structured investment products across institutional, corporate, business, private banking, agribusiness divisions and the Bank of New Zealand division in Western Australia.

Phil had previous roles with Western Australian Treasury Corporation as a financial analyst and portfolio manager, treasury consulting and investment banking in London. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (double majors in Accounting and Finance) and Bachelor of Economics (double majors in Economics and Japanese language) from the University of Western Australia.